Marketing Strategy Creation

Dive Deep Into Your Brand Story And Vision With A Multi-Part Strategy Session

Want to extract the full potential from social media for your business, but aren’t sure where to begin strategizing?

Our multi-part Social Media Marketing Strategy Session allows diving deep into your brand DNA and goals across two 90-minute calls to craft an intentional posting roadmap that resonates.

Here’s what you’ll unpack together with your dedicated strategist:

→ We will unearthing your unique value. What origin story and distinct vantage point do you bring to the table? What challenges do you help solve?

→ We will pinpoint the individual you want to speak to. Who do you seek to serve? What hopes, behaviors and psychographics define your ideal community?

→ We will create a blueprint for connection. How can you compellingly communicate the transformation you offer at every online touchpoint?

→ We will map out the framework. Tailored posting themes, formats and cadence guidelines based on who you want to reach and why. 

The deliverables after the intensive collaboration include:

→ A crystal clear brand messaging and content strategy guide 

→ A tailored month-long posting calendar outline to empower immediate implementation

Say goodbye to just “winging it” online day after day without a content roadmap designed to create true connections with those you seek to serve most. Let’s craft social media magic!

Investment: 499