life proof your income

Make money no matter what is happening

June 25, 2024 with Jessica Thomas and cassandra comeau

what if you could make money no matter what is happening?

Basically, you can.

While we’re all about business done differently, we’re also about business done in a way that strategically works and is SMART and SIMPLE. 

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Smart and simple business is...

Business that makes you money when life is seriously life-ing. 

What if no matter what was happening you were still able to get paid? 

Natural disasters? One less thing to worry about. 

Moving? One less thing to worry about.

Medical Emergency? One less thing to worry about.

Spontaneous Vacation? One less thing to worry about. 

Let’s make your income ONE LESS THING to worry about. 

Join us to life proof your income

When: June 25, 2024

Time: 10 AM CST

Place: Zoom

walk away with the knowledge that you need to...

Meet your hosts

Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas is the soul, mind and creative force behind Relentless Virtual™ and The Freethinkers Marketing Formula™.

She works alongside business owners to ensure they’re standing up, standing out and creating disruptive marketing campaigns for maximum impact. 

She loves the opportunity to make marketing easier through creativity, being uniquely you and doing what works for you – not everyone else. 

Cassandra Comeau

Cassandra is the heart and brains behind Brewed Harmony Digital.

As a self-proclaimed introvert and a multifaceted entrepreneur, she knows all too well the juggling act of managing multiple tasks and the overwhelming whirlwind that can come with it.

That’s why she has dedicated herself to the art and science of creating streamlined, efficient, and stress-reducing digital solutions for people just like us.

This is to help us get back time not only for our business to grow, but to live the life we always dreamed of and life proof our income