Outsource Like A Pro Cheat Sheet

You don't need a VA to find a VA, you need a strategic plan and to implement it properly.
This cheat sheet will help you determine what you need to outsource, when you need to and how to do it without the overwhelm by following these foolproof steps. 

Overwhelmed by the idea of bringing on a team member?

Finding your Rockstar right hand doesn’t have to be hard. This cheat sheet will help you kick the overwhelm by breaking down the process into easy to follow steps. 

Reduce your workload.

Increase efficiency.

Focus on core operations.

Scale your business.

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Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

Meet Jessica Ash

CEO & Founder of Relentless Virtual Solutions & Coaching. 

I have a very deep passion and love for social and humanitarian issues, law, politics, health and fitness, cooking, animals, mindset, parenting and supporting other businesses to help them grow.

After receiving my AA in general studies, AAS in Paralegal Technology, BAAS in Applied Administration and spending 8+ years in the service industry with 5+ years behind the scenes in a third party HR company and 3+ years as a paralegal, I decided to start my own business. 

I now empower leaders to help them kick the overwhelm of team building and outsource to scale through building an aligned team that works with them.

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