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The Business Resistance ComMunity

The Business Resistance Community is for entrepreneurs or soon-to-be entrepreneurs who are tired of being told to things strictly a certain way to grow and resist continuing down that path.

It’s a place for the relentlessly passion driven individual who is ready to utilize their platform as a business owner to make positive changes in the world.

Inside the community we encourage you to share your story, celebrations and struggles. Build connections and a collective that will support your growth and help you as you scale to the top of your industry and expand your mission. 

We believe that relentless commitment, a passion driven mission, an aligned business, an evolutionary brand and a solid network are five main components to business growth and having a stronger impact on the world. 


Business done differently will be what changes the world – be the ripple that creates the waves of change.

Inside the community you can catch me live every week for Whiskey Wednesdays at 7 PM CST, bring your fave cocktail, mocktail or your water bottle and join us!

Whiskey Wednesday is your weekly shot of quality business info for leaders. A quick, yet complex thought that may sometimes burn a bit going down from the slightly harsh edge as I give it to you straight.

If you’re ready to connect with other relentless leaders on world changing missions, this is a room you want to be in.

Whiskey Wednesday Ep. 5:
Don't Sleep On December

Whiskey Wednesday ep 9: Boundaries Like A Boss

we'd love to have you in our community!