Top 5 Tips for Creating Killer Social Posts


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Crafting standout social media posts is an art unto itself nowadays. While big budget corporations have teams designing flashy graphics and crafting clever copy, small businesses often struggle with nailing engaging posts. 

But creative posts packed with personality don’t require endless resources – just intention and know-how!

As the Founder and Lead Social Media Strategist here at Relentless Virtual™, I specialize in helping small business owners develop captivating content that punches above its weight. Want your posts to pop just as much as the giants’?

Steal these tips:

1. Get crystal clear on your niche audience 

To share content that truly resonates, you need to intimately understand your ideal customer or client. Know their hopes, their challenges, their objections, their language – like a close friend. This clarity makes targeting messages to exactly what matters to them far easier. Not sure who your audience archetype is? Time to do some research through surveys, interviews, or even Facebook Insights analytics!

2. Personalize the tone

Social media creates space for genuine connections when done right. So don’t hide behind overly corporate language that feels disconnected from real life. Branding still matters, but adopt a warm, approachable human voice fit for friendly advice sharing across networks. Use natural wording and don’t be afraid to show some personality. Adding personal photos or behind-the-scenes peeks also helps strengthen rapport.

3. Provide truly useful intel 

While it’s tempting to have posts be purely promotional, social works best when you lead by providing value first. Offer helpful tidbits, insider secrets, or education around your niche without giving away the farm for free. Think quick tips and actionable insights versus product pitches. This establishes your expertise and wins trust making followers more receptive when you do have an offering to share.

4. Write punchy post copy

Let’s face it – most users aren’t stopping to read lengthy walls of text across social feeds. So tighten up prose to be skimmable yet compelling! Use strategic paragraph breaks, embrace lists and bullet points for quick information delivery, and lean on helpful images. Ensure critical info hits in the first sentences. Getting creative with fonts and color for key callouts helps posts stand out too!

5. Don’t just set and forget! 

Consistency and iteration are key for social media success. Establish a posting cadence that works for your resources. While daily is ideal, start where you can sustainably manage…then analyze what content got the most traction. Look for patterns around topics, post types and timing that earned greater engagement. Then refine your strategy to double down on what your audience craves!

The beauty of strategic social posts is that when done right, they elevate awareness and shape audience perception. Plus drive traffic and sales with far less expenditure than paid ads! Ready to have your next posts start popping? Let’s dive deeper into packed-with-purpose posting plans!

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